New York Virtuosi photoshoot in Manhattan

New photoshoot for New York Virtuosi, part of Kiral Artists.

I shot a beautiful wedding in Soho in Manhattan on Sunday, June 4th, and had scheduled a bridal shoot with LYB for Friday that same week. So I had a few free days. Peter Kiral, the founder of New York Virtuosi, took advantage, and we scheduled a quick photo shoot for his orchestra.

The key was to choose the right locations. We started early morning in front of the NYC Public Library, which indeed is a kind of iconic place. Then we moved to one of my favorite places, Pier 26, where Grand Banks is. We had so much fun over there! The next location on our plan was the Flatiron building, but coincidently we were able to shoot at one cool rooftop near Flatiron. Of course, we end up at Shake Shack in the Madison Square Garden!

The main and the most important person is founder Peter Kiral. We shot pictures with his string quartet as well as personal portraits of his musicians. The least but not last was duo of famous violinist and model Filip Pogady with piano player Peter Fancovic. And here are the pics from our New York Virtuosi photoshoot in Manhattan. Let me know how you like them in the comments below.

Captured with Sony A99. Make sure you visit also my Wedding Photography website.

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