Model test shoot for DAS part.1

Model test shoot for DAS part.1

I do not do model test shoots often. But now I have 3 reasons to do it. First one, it’s slow season here in Miami. Second reason, I need some change after all those weddings as well as new impulse for my Wedding Meets Fashion style and 3rd reason is the agency.

DAS Model Management is new modelling agency in Miami area. The owner of the agency is my friend and I know this is going to be something different and special. So why not. I think these 3 reasons and pretty good ones, right? So here are pictures from fist test I did for DAS Model Management today.

First model is Rima. I actually brought her to the agency and they like her. Rima is from Lithuania. I’m sorry I do not remember name of second model, but I do remember she is from Sweden.

What I like about model test shoots nowadays it’s almost zero editing. Everyone knows already how huge changes we can do on model, so customers want to see model in “real light”. So also these pictures are without any improvements except small colour and contrast corrections.

Makeup done by amazing Taren Winn
Photography Jan Freire






Captured with Sony A99

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