Miami Beach Photoshoot for Monica

Well I do not do many of these photo shoots anymore. But when I got phone call from Monica, there was something about it, I could not say nope.

So this is another Miami modeling photoshoot after  almost a year. If you really asking why, I said that many times. My primes are weddings now and I do not plan to change it. But it’s nice to have little change in regular work, although I really love weddings. Last modeling portfolio photo shoot was done in November 2016 for Lianah.

Monica wanted to have a starter modeling portfolio for her 16 year old daughter. We decided to do it outside and I chose locations I know well already. Was very hot summer day in Miami. So we started early afternoon by doing makeup at my place. Then stayed in South Beach for like hours. One more makeup change and we moved to Key Biscayne. 

It was Labor Day weekend so the beach was packed. But we managed to get our pictures anyway and I think we did pretty good job, considering it was her first photo shoot ever. Let me know how you like them in comments below.

Makeup: Melissa Khoram @miami_makeup
Photography: Jan Freire @freirephoto

Captured with Sony A99


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