Blowing Rocks Preserve with Lada

Blowing Rocks Preserve with Lada. Upon arriving in Florida, I was eager to explore the state and discover all it had to offer. I embarked on various road trips and ventured in all directions, ensuring that I became well-acquainted with the area. In fact, I am confident that my knowledge of Florida surpasses that of the average native Floridian who has spent their entire life there.

While exploring, I stumbled upon one of the most captivating places – Blowing Rocks Preserve, located just north of Jupiter. I was immediately struck by the beauty of this location and envisioned creating some exceptional photo shoots there.

When my friend Lada came to visit me, I knew I had to share this gem of a place with her. Though I typically only carry my iPhone for such outings, this time, I decided to bring my camera along – a decision I am so glad I made.

Although we only captured a few images, the resulting photoshoot at Blowing Rocks Preserve was simply stunning. There is something truly special about the way the images turned out, and I would love to hear your thoughts on them in the comments below.

Sony photographer, captured with Sony A99

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