Menu extension for sushigami Sawgrass

I spent another day with my favorite models, sushi 😉 One of my first clients after I moved to Florida, sushigami is doing well. They expanding to another locations and they also expanding their menu. I had a pleasure to do another add ons to their gourmet sushi items.

We met early Sunday morning in Sawgrass Mall and worked for 6 hours. Here are few pictures and the rest you will be able to see on their menu pretty soon. If you still haven’t try their sushi, I highly recommend. You can find sushigami in Sawgrass Mall close to Versace and other biggest brands. And I can already unveil information, that there is going to be opening party for 2nd sushigami very soon in Orlando, Florida.

If you would like to check more of my food photography, it’s on my blog. I believe that each restaurant truly needs great photography which actually sells even before somebody knows you.




Captured with Sony A99

Did I make you hungry? If you live in South Florida, it’s pretty easy. Just go to Sawgrass and visit sushigami 😉


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