Ashley Lall – Rising Star with an Accent

This was not an ordinary day in the studio of Freire Photography. As a matter of fact, this was an extraordinary day, that we were all looking forward to. Experience and joy that we shared with our crew have been part of our conversations in weeks after this photo session.

Many would say that, generally, beauty can be found in nature, luxury, art, and entertainment but we beg to say different. What was found in this 9-year-old rising star from the United Kingdom, is simply unbelievable. Her gorgeous smile and fine modeling foundation gave our cameras a very pleasant Sunday afternoon on the SoFi in Miami Beach, FL.

This brilliant young lady has nothing to confirm that she is only 9 years of age. Her impeccable English grammar and teenage attitude, guarantee her success in the career and industry of her choice. Whether she decides to become a model, artist or even a scientist, we have no doubt in our mind that one-day ASHLEY LALL will be seen on covers of many business magazines as a rising entrepreneur.

We hope to be the one to make this initial exposure, so pay attention folks, best of her is yet to come.
Congratulation ASHLEY LALL on being first teen talent at Talent Nation USA. Happy Miami Family Photographer.







Ashley Lall and big watches


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