Marrakech Restaurant Menu Photoshoot

Orgies again! Pure foodporn. Can you even imagine to capture menu for one of the best restaurants in Town? Yes I did it! And I got +4 pounds …lol
But seriously. Hard work, but one of my favorite. Capture great meal is a pleasure. Two times. First visual, by the photoshoot and second one right after, when you can eat it.

Marrakech is new lounge concept from famous Stand Vadrna. This amazing lounge-restaurant is located in the old town of Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. And the chef is our friend Peter Kulcar. You can remember him from UpsideDown restaurant, bet steak-house in town. Now hi is responsible for this awesome menu…

Marrakech starter photographyJust starter…

Foie gras in Marrakech food photographyFoie Gras… what to say guys?!

fish on the menu in Marrakech food photographyFish in Marrakech!

dessert in Marrakech food photographyWould you like dessert?

Marrakech Chef Peter Kulcarand this is Peter Kulcar, the chef!

More pictures in our portfolio gallery here.
Look it tasty? Would you like be in Marrakech right now? I know that your answer is yes!
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