Professional job done with my iPhone

This corona time is not easy. Home prison and no job whatsoever. Fortunately, my clients and friends are very cool, and besides two engagement sessions, I just had an extra job this past week. 

My friends, wedding planners from Plan Desing Events, created a new brand for flower delivery in Miami. You can check them, Bloom Plan Design.

And they asked me to take pictures of some bouquets that were ordered for Mother’s day delivery. I brought my complete lighting equipment to their office, but then I decided to shoot this professional job with my iPhone 11 Pro. 

It has so many benefits if I have to compare it with a professional camera shoot. Amongst others, it’s the speed of the entire process or even the 3D option. Obviously, you can do a better job with professional equipment, but if those photos are mainly for social media, you don’t need anything else nowadays.

At the end of the day, we all were happy with the result. So never believe someone who’s trying to convince you that it’s about equipment. Nope, it’s not. And if you gonna see me shooting some details on your wedding with my phone, now you know why 🤣

Okay, here are some photos from my professional photoshoot for Bloom Plan Design with my iPhone. Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

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