LL Radio 1st photo shoot

LL Radio… Who listens to radio anymore? Well, ladies and gentleman, this radio is not an ordinary object but a revolutionary model of the future. This young man has the vocal dexterity to sweetly blend R&B’s emotional appeal and hip-hop’s edginess and finesse with Latin music’s romantic spice. He is the “New Cool”.

We were pleased to work with this award winning artist on his first photo session with Talent Nation USA. Even thought he already has Latin Grammy awards on his belt, he is still at the beginning of his career led by the best management team in the music and entertainment industry. His footsteps are now followed by over 5,000 fans in his own, city of Miami,FL and these numbers are growing rapidly. We are looking forward to our next session, when we meet him in our new production location in Boca Raton, Florida.








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