Billboard for sushigami

billboard for sushigami

Another tasty work today!
As you can remember from my past post, my client opened new sushi bar concept at Sawgrass Mills Mall at the beginning of the Year. I have been shooting whole menu for him as well as PR and promo pictures later. The concept is really successful and I means also more work for me. And as I wrote, I’m happy for this kind of work, where I can literally eat my model finally … 😉

Today I create 2 tasty looking sushi “portraits” for big billboard which will be installed over sushigami restaurant at Sawgrass Mills next week. I guess you also love sushi? Am I good seer?

sushigami billboard

One more think guys. Sushigami still doesn’t have their web page. If you want any information, please call 305 332-3472.

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