Ksenia Islamova photoshoot in Miami

I just created my new Telegram channel for my photography. So, I went through my old pics, arrived at this shoot, and got a little homesick for Miami. As a fashion photographer, I decided to finally post more photos from our cool shoot from Wynwood with Ksenia.

Ksenia Islamova is a model originally from Russia. She was discovered by chance when she attended an event when she was 21. She was signed almost immediately and began traveling the world and completing impressive modeling work. She was in many editorials, including Elle Turkey and Bulgaria in July 2017, Cosmopolitan Shopping Russia and Vogue Russia in the Summer of 2016, and Elle Russia in 2015.

Ksenia often appears on the covers of these magazines and many others. She also appreciated working with MTV in Europe. Ksenia Islamova is also a video editor and fashion designer, one half of a new fashion brand: she runs ERRORE with her boyfriend, among her favorite current brands. With no particular workout routine besides “running to castings”, she credits her mother’s genes for allowing her to keep such a slim figure without watching her diet or exercise. 

As I see from her Facebook, Ksenia travels the world, working on great campaigns and shoots and even becoming an actress. And I like to reminisce about the day I had the pleasure of having this shoot with her. Makeup was done by Sasha Alzate, and hair by Mr. Hairstylist Shuki Zikri. We did this shoot 8 years ago in Miami’s famed Wynwood streets towards the sunset. Well, I hope that you like it. Let me know in the comments below.

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