Happy birthday, Jauquese! – Birthday Photoshoot

Happy birthday, Jauquese! – Birthday Photoshoot or Miami Portrait Session. I absolutely love creating unique and memorable portrait sessions, and this Birthday Photoshoot for Jauquese was no exception. Jauquese had booked her date three months in advance and had mentioned that this session was a special birthday gift for herself. Unfortunately, the weather on the day of the shoot was rainy and cloudy, which had been the case for the past three weeks in Miami.

Having encountered similar situations in the past, I advised Jauquese to wait until the very last moment before canceling the session. As the shoot approached, I admit that I was beginning to feel doubtful, but Jauquese insisted that we go ahead with it. And I’m glad we did because, while the weather wasn’t perfect, it was just enough for a fantastic portrait session.

One of the biggest perks of the shoot was that we had the Secret Garden all to ourselves. Anyone who knows this venue understands what a rarity that is, as it’s usually crowded with other photographers. There were even concerns about falling coconuts from the palm trees, but we were all brave enough to proceed.

Ultimately, we managed to capture some stunning portraits that Jauquese can cherish for a lifetime. It was a pleasure working with her, and I’m thrilled that she enjoyed her 30th birthday photoshoot, aka Miami portrait session. If you liked the photos, feel free to leave a comment below.

venue: The Secret Garden
model: Jauquese
makeup: Jauquese … did I mention that she is a makeup artist? btw… she was one of my first Facebook friends when I moved to Miami a couple of years ago, and this was our first shoot! So, happy b’day, girl!

Captured with Sony A99

Just received this review from Jauquese: “Had an amazing photoshoot with Freire Photography! Jan is amazing at what he does. I’m no model, yet he was able to coach me and ensure we had great shots. Wonderful experience, and I can’t wait to use him for my next event. Above and beyond what I expected!

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