Live Like a DuPont in Miami

This is my most amazing real estate work in Miami which I really enjoyed!
I had a pleasure to capture this massive mid-century modern estate that’s set on 5 waterfront acres of land in Coconut Grove, FL. This house was built by the DuPont family in back in 1964. At 26,981 square feet, the house has a whopping 33 rooms and is listed for $22 million by Avatar Real Estate Florida. It has a huge pool with an underground viewing porthole, a tennis court, a yacht-sized boathouse, a private harbor, a long dock, lawns galore, and a guest house.

This pictures are featured in many well known magazines across the US. I’m so blessed for such awesome jobs! I hope you like it. Let me know in comments below. To see more of Luxury Miami Real Estate Photography just click link.

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Freire Photography
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